The Rabbitry

Mini Lion lops

Due to the success of our miniature lops we have come to the difficult decision to drastically reduce our lion lops. We are pleased to say that many have gone off to lion lop breeders to help with their breeding.

The Miniature Lion Lop gained its recognition from the British Rabbit Council in July 2004. This was only in a very limited range of colours. This range has now been extended and includes some wonderful colours.

Shilling~a very rich chocolate torte mini lion lop buck. This lovely little boy is a real asset in my shed. He's such a sweetheart and has fathered some fantastic babies.

Leya~a black self mini lion lop doe. A beautiful, short-bodied doe, Blackie is a sweet girl. Having shown her when she was U5 she recieved a Best of Breed. She has produced us some fantastic babies in great colours too.

Angel~ a BEW mini lion lop doe. Angel is just gorgeous! Another small doe with a great temperament. She has produced some wonderful babies and is a true asset.

Here is the latest little girl we have bred to add to our program. We are over-the-moon with this doe and look forward to getting her out onto the show table.

If you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact us